Stuff Your Own Teddy Bear Birthday Parties!

So Many Reasons Why Your Next Party Should Be A 

Teddy Bear Loft Party!  

teddy bear loftteddy bear loftteddy bear loft teddy bear loftteddy bear loftteddy bear loft

  • Every Teddy Bear Loft teddy bear comes as a complete kit ready to be stuffed!  French and English birth certificates to fill out, 1 of 4 available heart inserts, stuffing stick and plenty of stuffing!
  • No need to share supplies or materials. Since every kit is complete, kids can easily be spaced apart and still enjoy a socially distanced birthday party or daycare activity. 
  • No sewing required! A secret Velcro pocket in the back makes stuffing our teddy bears super easy and virtually mess free! Perfect for all age groups!
  • Teddy Bear Loft parties are Do It Yourself parties. Order the kits you need and then throw your party whenever it suits you and your family best. No minimums and no animators.  Your party your way. 
  • Dinosaur experts, unicorn enthusiasts and panda lovers are sure to find the perfect teddy bear here. Over 60 different kits in 2 sizes! An animal and budget for everyone.  Perfect for boys and girls!
  • Save time and money!  Our stuff your own teddy bear kits are loot bags and activity in one! A take home gift that they will be cherished and not tossed out!
  • Our adorable cardboard carrying boxes are the perfect loot bags. Big enough to fit a finished fully stuffed teddy bear and even a few of your own goodies. Cut out windows and door turn this into a teddy bear cottage keeper!  
  • Our teddy bears can be stuffed anywhere! Stay inside or go outside. If the weather changes; just grab your kits and head back in! So easy.
  • Decorate t-shirts for you teddy bears with a tie dye station or Sharpies! Accessorize your bears with homemade collars, bear dens, party hats, pjs, sleeping bags... So many different things you can do if you have a longer party or older group! Our t-shirts are available in both 8" and 16" sizes.
  • No minimums and no taxes! Our kits and teddy bear clothing make great gifts year round!
  • Shop online 24/7 and have your order delivered to just about anywhere in North America.
  • Nothing in our store is over 22$ !!
  • Customers have been letting us in on some of the creative ways they have been celebrating their kids birthdays this year! Who knew Zoom parties would be so popular!
    Before the Party:
    Week before, day before or morning of, drop off at each guests house an ordinary Kraft bag decorated with the Zoom party details, instructions, Birthday child’s name and the guest's name.
    Inside the Bag:
    Add party hats, noise makers, birthday cookies, treats or cupcakes and a Teddy Bear Loft stuff your own teddy bear kit.
    Plain white t shirts for the bears are also available. Younger kids can easily decorate them with Crayola washable markers.
    More Ideas from Customers:
    -Add baggies of craft supplies to make name tags, party hats or collars for their new stuffed animals.
    -Empty Kleenex boxes make perfect sized bear beds for the smaller 8” bear kits. Decorate the beds with markers, stickers and name tags.
    -Let the guests choose their own teddy bear before placing the order by inviting them to visit the Teddy Bear Loft website. Have them then RSVP with their top 3 choices.